Our first guest speaker of the New Year was the Lightroom enthusiast Terry Hewitt.
Lightroom is a powerful software programme which allows photographers to organise and adjust the pictures taken by the camera.

One of the benefits of the digital photography is the ability to take large numbers of photos without worrying about cost. The drawback is that once loaded on the computer with all of the other photographs the result can be somewhat chaotic. Terry explained and emphasised the need for a structured and orderly cataloguing system and he showed how Lightroom enabled this.

In the second half Mr Hewitt demonstrated the variety of ways in which photos could be modified in Lightroom. At one level this can mean sharpening the photo. enhancing the colours to enliven or create mood in a scene or creating a black and white version. Terry showed how shots taken on a dull day could be enhanced, how the colour of a model's dress could be changed. He revealed how Lightroom was an answer to acne by taking a photo of a spotty youth and despotting him with no resort to ointment!

As is often the case the experts make things look easy and Terry was no exception he left members fascinated with the versatility of this software if somewhat daunted by the thought of mastering this technique. His presentation was lively and enthusiastic and at the end one expected him to don a red fez and say “just like that”!

HDR TECHNEQUIES 14 December 2017

The last talk of our autumn programme was by Justin Garner ( on the subject of HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography.

This is a technique which can be used to compensate for extremes of brightness and shadow in the subject. The usual example quoted is that of the church interior where there are large areas of low light and yet bright shafts of light coming through the windows. Whilst our eyes can compensate for the differences the camera reads both extremes and will generally produce an average picture with burnt out windows and little detail in the shadows.

With the HDR technique the camera is set to take multiple shots, 3, 5 or 7, at different shutter speeds, some over-exposed to get the shadow detail and others under-exposed to capture the details in the bright light. All the pictures are combined either in camera or computer to produce a single image with features showing across the range.

Over-used the technique can produce a very artificial result. Justin's portfolio, showing landscapes from Argentina and Peru through to New Brighton and the urban architecture of Manchester, displayed superb examples of situations where HDR can enhance photographs of a scene. Suddenly the unnoticed detail stands out with the technique adding clarity and oomph (a technical term) to the picture.

I suspect many of the members present will be HDRing over the forthcoming holidays.


From Nudibranchs (sea slugs) to Loggerhead Sea turtles, from Anglesey to the Maldives, our speaker at the last meeting, Ken Byrne, took us on an adventure which spanned the continents and the animal kingdom.

Supported by stunning photographs Ken, a keen scuba diver, was our tour guide on a journey exploring wrecks off North Wales, to the south of Suez where reefs brought many ships to their doom. One, sunk off Egypt during the war, was still carrying its cargo of weapons, bombs, ammunition and even a locomotive; not a place to go tap-dancing!

But the most spectacular photographs were of the unusual marine animals of various shapes and sizes dressed in their bright often garish colours. Ken had photographed the hard corals off Plymouth, the sea-hares in the dangerous Menai Straits and Basking sharks sometimes seen off the Isle of Man. These fish can reach up to 8 metres in length whilst at the other extreme Ken had photos of tiny Pygmy Seahorses. The latter have, not surprisingly, only recently been discovered off Indonesia as these 1cm long animals are camouflaged to look exactly like the corals on which they live.

Ken's comprehensive collection of excellent photographs covering almost all of the classes in the animal kingdom was testimony to his enthusiasm, his biological knowledge and skill as a diver and all that was missing was a voice-over by David Attenborough.

Retrospective” Ian Stewart ARPS DPAGB

Remember those days when the family photographs were on slides viewed on a screen or with a hand viewer? If you were lucky you managed to get 37/8 shots from an expensive 36 roll film and even luckier if most were correctly exposed!

In his talk “Retrospective” Ian Stewart ARPS DPAGB showed us a selection of prints which he had produced over the years. Covering a wide range of topics from Landscapes, through Portraits to Animals each demonstrated his skill and patience as a photographer capturing the mood as well as the appropriate lighting of the subject. It also showed how photography had developed as black and white prints phased into colour slides and from there to today's digital cameras.

The black and white photographs, which Ian presented, had the impact typical of this medium and his digital photos were, as expected, superb. But many of the most striking colour photographs were actually taken from his slide collection which he had developed and printed himself. (If you have precious family photos on slides hidden away, there are firms which will print them for you, cue Google.)

Not content with keeping his camera on the ground Ian is now exploring higher things with the potential of drone photography where the same landscape can be viewed from a quite different angle. We look forward to a talk on this next stage of his journey through photography.

Ian's presentation, his skill and his enquiring mind made for a very informative and enjoyable evening.


Sunflowers can hold their heads high!!

A stunning photograph of sunflowers by David Whitehead was awarded a first place in the Society's recent 'Open Competition'. Subjects of any sort can be entered in open competitions and the judge, Rob Hockney, was presented with a real challenge selecting the best in the three sections with such a variety of quality prints submitted.

'Sunflowers' scored first place in the large print section. The 'Blue tailed Bee-eater' submitted by Barbara Baker took first place in the small print section and Phil. Barnes came first in the projected image section with his photograph 'Glencoe'.


The speaker at our last meeting was Jon Allanson, a man with many awards to his name for the high quality photographs he has produced which in turn qualifies him also as a well respected photographic judge. His topic for the evening was 'Selective Photoshop Techniques'.

Whilst most of us dabble in Photoshop to make relatively minor adjustments to our photographs this software can be a powerful tool in the right hands.

Jon started by pointing out that a photo straight from the camera often lacks the impact we were hoping for and it is possible to make the image stand out more. Illustrating his talk with photos of his own, he showed techniques for sharpening and repositioning the image, adjusting the colours to make them more realistic, reducing the impact of fussy backgrounds and removing the unwanted which were intruding on his composition.

It was at this point that Jon's cursor appeared to take on a life of its own. Whizzing about from side to side, up and down, each move making small alterations to the photo on view, his technique turned a bland shot into a high impact black and white photo that all present would have been proud to lay claim to. We realised that we had a lot to learn and expressed our thanks to Jon for displaying his skills and for opening this Pandora's Box.

If you have an interest in photography why not come along to our next meeting (2/11/17, 8.00pm at the Castle Community Centre) which is an Open Competition where judge, Rob Hockney will review members' photos and explain what, in his view, makes a good shot and where in other cases improvements could be made.

An exhibition of members prints is now on display at the Memorial Court, Northwich
from Friday 13th October until Thursday 26th October 2017
Chairman Bill Harris with Programme Sec David Whitehead

Chairman Bill Harris (left) with Programme Sec David Whitehead







Overall Competition Winners 2016/17 Season

It was a clean sweep by the Bullock family at the awards night for Overall Competition Winners 2016/17, when the Society's President, Roy Taylor, presented Paul Bullock with two trophies as winner of the A4 Print Section and for the PDI Section and also presented Maggie Bullock with the trophy as winner of the A3 print section


There were 6 internal competitions held during the 2015/16 season for Large Prints, Small Prints and PDI’s. For the first time the DAN Trophy competition results were included in the overall scoring.
Trophies for the highest accumulated scores in the three sections were awarded to David Whitehead in the Large Print Section with a score of 284 points, Beryl Harwood in the Small Print Section with a score of 269 points and Phil Barnes in the PDI Section with a score of 191 points.

In January 2016 we held our Mono Competition and trophies were awarded to Steve Jackson in the Large Print Section, Tony Tombacco in the Small Print Section and Graham Rowe in the PDI Section.

In February 2016 we held the DAN Trophy Competition and trophies were awarded to Maggie Bullock in the PDI Section for 3 images of Manchester Central Library, Roger Spurling in the Small Print section for 3 images titled “Remembrance” and Graham Rowe in the Large Print Section for 3 prints of “Haweswater”.

On the 10th March 2016 we hosted the annual 3Way Battle against Frodsham and Mid-Cheshire societies. Each society entering 10 prints and 10 PDI’s judged by Bob Dennis. Each entry was scored out of a maximum of 20 points and at the end of the print section the scores were Frodsham 155, Mid-Cheshire 179 and Northwich 169. Credit is given to Steve Jackson who gained the maximum score of 20 for his print of “Looking At You Looking At Me”. In the PDI section the scores were Frodsham 164, Mid-Cheshire 173 and Northwich 166, with credit going to David Whitehead who scored a maximum of 20 points for his “South American Rhea”. The combined scores therefore resulted in 1st place Mid-Cheshire with 352 points, 2nd Northwich with 335 points and Frodsham 3rd with 319 points. The evening was extremely enjoyable and, although we didn’t repeat our win of 2015 we took great pride in the congratulations received from our visitors on a well organised evening and most welcoming friendly hosts.

The Society again entered the Chester Photographic Society’s Inter Club Competition in November 2015 where 14 societies from the North West area of the L&CPU competed with submissions of 4 colour prints and 2 mono prints. The overall winner was Chester with Northwich coming a creditable 9th place having been placed 6th equal in the Mono Prints and 8th equal in the Colour Prints.

During the closed season 5 members, namely Phil Barnes, Sarah Kinsella, Maggie and Paul Bullock and Graham Rowe entered images in the L&CPU Annual Individual Competition. Congratulations to Sarah whose colour print “Boy Crying” was retained for inclusion in a L&CPU Folio. The L&CPU produce a disk containing a selection of the submitted PDI’s and we express our congratulations to Phil Barnes, Sarah Kinsella, Maggie & Paul Bullock for having a PDI included in this selection.


1st Peter Lawless 171 points
2nd Sarah Kinsella 164 points
3rd Graham Rowe LRPS 163 points
4th Phil Barnes LRPS CPAGB 160 points

Large Prints
1st Steven Jackson 266 points
2nd Peter Lawless 261 points
3rd Sarah Kinsella 258 points
4th Phil Barnes LRPS CPAGB 249 points

Small Prints
1st David Whitehead 261 points
2nd Cherry Rowe 243 points
3rd Margaret Tristram 235 points
4th Colin Bradford 229 points

Hosted by Mid-Cheshire Camera Club


2nd Mid-Cheshire Camera Club 332 points
3rd Frodsham & District Photographic Society 316 points

Each Image Was Scored Out Of 20
Individual Scoring for Northwich Photographic Society
MIND THE GAP by Peter Lawless Max Score 20
WINTER WALKIES by David Whitehead Max Score 20

THE BRIDGE by Peter Lawless 19
BREAKFAST AT POPPIES by Steve Jackson 18
TAKING STOCK by Steve Jackson 17
THE TIDE MILL by Graham Rowe 17
TENSION by Graham Rowe 17
RACE REFLECTIVE by David Whitehead 15
HORSEFLY by Eric Wood 14
Print Totals Northwich 170, Frodsham 161, Mid-Cheshire 160

SANTARE MILL by Phil Barnes Max Score 20
WORKING DONKEY by Margaret Tristram 17
ALICE IN DELAMERE by Steve Jackson 17
BALD EAGLE by Peter Lawless 17
ROBIN by Peter Lawless 17
BLUE DAMSEL FLY by Eric Wood 16
AN EYE ON THE WEATHER by David Boot 16
WINTER WALK by Steve Jackson 16
THE PIER by David Whitehead 15
CHAIN REACTION by David Whitehead 13
PDI Totals Northwich 164, Frodsham 155, Mid-Cheshire 172

Congratulations to Peter Lawless, David Whitehead and Phil Barnes for gaining maximum scores.

We have an exhibition at Sir John Deane's College 23rd February to 6th March 2015



15 club print battle hosted by Chester Photographic Society on 4th November 2014.

David Butler judged this annual event in which each club was required to enter 4 colour prints and 2 monochrome. Each section was judged on a knockout basis with those eliminated in the first round scoring one mark. The highest scoring colour print came from Warrington PS and for monochrome it was Nantwich PS.
Northwich PS had three clubs with a lesser mark in the colour section and in the monochrome section seven other clubs with an equal minimum mark to ours. Overall we came twelfth out of the fifteen clubs but there was a tie for first place between Warrington PS and Chester PS who, as the hosts, magnanimously conceded victory to Warrington PS.
Our entry consisted of:
“Waiting For Her Lover's Return” by Phil Barnes 1 point
“The Nectar Collector” by Eric Wood 1 point
“Alice In Delamere” by Steve Jackson 1 point
“Tension” by Graham Rowe 2 points
“The Crooner” by Graham Rowe 1point
“The Workshop” by Peter Lawless 1 point

The Results Of The L&CPU Individual Competition 2014
(Marks are out of 15)

Colour Prints

Graham Rowe:-
"Tension" 9,
"Cubicles Victoria Baths" 8,
"Colours Of Autumn" 9,
"Empty Chairs" 9

Mono Prints
Graham Rowe:-
"Waiting For The Tide" 9,
"When I Grow Up" 11 (Accepted For L&CPU Folio),
"The Crooner" 11 (Accepted For L&CPU Folio)

Nature Prints
Eric Wood:-
"Garden Spider Feeding" 10,
"Six Spotted Burnet Moth With Pupae" 12 (Accepted For L&CPU Folio),
"Horse Fly" 11

Colour PDI
Geoff Noxon:-
"Funfair" 9,
"Jeremy Fisher" 9,
"Skylight" 10,
"Speed Of Light" 10

Mono PDI
Geoff Noxon:-
"End Of The Line" 9,
"Let Me Out" 9,
"The Heavenly Oast" 9,
"Turner" 9

Nature PDI
Geoff Noxon:-
"Flamingo" 9,
"Jaguar" 10,
"Lilac Breasted Roller With Food Item" 8,
"Weaver Bird" 11

Individual Category Results For Colour Prints
Graham Rowe 4 prints 35 marks position 117th equal out of 133

Individual Category Results For Colour PDI's
Geoff Noxon 4 pdi's 38 marks position 128th equal out of 239

Individual Category For Mono PDI's
Geoff Noxon 4 pdi's 36 marks position 148th equal out of 177

Individual Category For Nature PDI's
Geoff Noxon 4 pdi's 38 marks position 95th equal out of 127

PDI Worker Of The Year
Geoff Noxon 12 images 112 marks position 70th equal out of 89


Joint 1st Peter Lawless and Graham Rowe 60 points
3rd Eric Wood 45 points

1st Steve Jackson 63 points
2nd Phil Barnes 61 points
3rd Geoff Noxon 50 points

1st Colin Bradford 73 points
2nd Barrie Dodd 38 points
3rd Margaret Tristram 37 points

On 24th March 2014 it was Frodsham's turn to host our annual 3-way battle.
The Judge was John Thomson from South Liverpool

Our entries and the results were as follows:

Prints (marks out of 20)

"Treath" by Mike Janik 16
"The Colours Of Autumn" by Graham Rowe 14
"Ladies Rugby" by Mike Janik 20
"Speed Of Light" by Geoff Noxon 14
"Face The Sands" by Phil Barnes 16
"Lamp Light" by Phil Barnes 17
"Fishing Boats, Llyn Nantlle" by Peter Lawless 18
"For Ever Friends" by Steven Jackson 18
"Skylight" by Geoff Noxon 15
"Faces of The Future" by Seven Jackson 19

Each club had one print scoring 20 and Mike Janik produced ours.
The sub totals at this stage were:
Frodsham 176; Mid Cheshire 168; Northwich 167

PDIs (marks out of 20)

"Nuthatch With Sunflower Seed" by Peter Lawless 17
"My M & M's" by Eric Wood 15
"High Fliers" by Eric Wood 18
"The Crooner" by Graham Rowe 16
"Lodore Falls" by Peter Lawless 19
"Watching The Sun Go Down" by Steven Jackson 14
"Flying High" by Margaret Tristram 19
"Blowing In The Wind" by Evelyn Taylor 16
"Steaming Through Grosmont" by Colin Bradford 15
"Malagasy Child" by Garry Wynne 18

We had no PDIs scoring 20 but Peter and Margaret are to be congratulated on their 19s.
The PDI sub totals were:
Frodsham 176; Mid Cheshire 172; Northwich 167

The final combined scores were:
Frodsham 352; Mid Cheshire 340; Northwich 334

Chester PS Knockout Print Competition, 5th Nov. 2013

17 Clubs from the North West took part. Each club submitting 2 Mono and 4 Colour Prints.
The Judge was Tillman Kleinhans ARPS, EFIAP, DPAGB
1st (Equal) Birkenhead with 19 points
1st (Equal) Nantwich with 19 points
3rd Frodsham with 18 points
4th NORTHWICH with 17 points
Northwich submissions were:
"Ladies Rugby" (Mono) by Mike Janik 4 points
"When I Grow Up..." (Mono) by Graham Rowe 3 points
"Cygnus" (Colour) by Mike Janik 4 points
"Fishing Boats, LLyn Nantlle" (Colour) by Peter Lawless 3 points
"Greater Spotted Woodpecker" (Colour) by Peter Lawless 2 points
"Abandoned" (Colour) by Graham Rowe 1 point

Winners Of Annual Shields 2013
Winners Of Annual Shields 2013

Colin Bradford Winner Of Small Print Section (Pictured Left)
Peter Lawlees Winner Of PDI Section (Pictured Right)
Steve Jackson Winner Of Large Print Section


1st Peter Lawless 55 points
2nd Eric Wood 49 points
3rd Mandy Johnson 38 points

1st Steven Jackson 87 points
2nd Eric Wood 53 points
3rd Mike Janik 48 points

1st Colin Bradford 79 points
2nd Roy Doorbar 42 points
3rd Beryl Harwood 38 points

The 2013 3-way battle that we hosted on 14th March.

NPS Prints (marks out of 20)

"Horse Whisperer" by Steve Jackson (19)

"Llandudno Jigsaw" by Steve Jackson (14)

"Twining Hemp" by Gary Wynne (18)

"Anyone Seen Our Albert?" by Gary Wynne (16)

"Garden Spider Feeding" by Eric Wood (14)

"Busker" by Mike Janik (18)

"Warp Speed" by Mike Janik (20*)

"Owl In The Wood" by Graham Rowe (14)

"Woody" by Peter Lawless (18)

"Sun Kissed Quay" by Peter Lawless (18)

At this stage Mid Cheshire PS were ahead with 173 points and NPS was equal with Frodsham

PS with 169 points.

A special mention should go to our member Mike Janik who had the best print of the night.


"Destination Anywhere" by Steve Jackson (14)

"Fields Of Gold" by Steve Jackson (17)

"Liquid Drops" by Eric Wood (16)

"Red Alert" by Mandy Johnson (16)

"When I Grow Up..." by Graham Rowe (16)

"Night Albert" by Peter Lawless (19)

"Wren" by Peter Lawless (16)

"Nectar Feeder" by Evelyn Taylor (16)

"Walking Towards The Light" by Roy Doorbar (19)

"Boiler Suit" by Geoff Noxon (17)

The sub totals for the PDI section alone were:
Frodsham PS 176; Mid Cheshire PS 170; NPS 166.

The overall totals: Frodsham PS 345; Mid Cheshire PS 343; NPS 335


The winner of the Large Print Trophy for 2012 was Steven Jackson with 117 points.
Second was Mandy Johnson with 44 points.
Third Graham Rowe with 37 points.

The winner of the Small Print Trophy for 2012 was Phil Barnes with 67 points.
Second was Colin Bradford with 60 points.
Third Barrie Dodd with 52 points.

The winner of the PDI Trophy was Steven Jackson with 60 points. Second was Mandy Johnson with 55 points.
Third Paul Zietsman with 54 points.

3-Way Battle 14th March 2012 v. Frodsham & Mid Cheshire
Hosted by Mid Cheshire, judged by Cy Newton
LAST MAN STANDING (Geoff Noxon) 16
RAPE FIELD (Graham Rowe) 16
REFLECTION (Steven Jackson) 16
DESIGNED BY NATURE (Mandy Johnson) 17
BLUE EYES (Steven Jackson) 17
STARLING (Mandy Johnson) 17
OWL (Mike Janik) 17
AS THE SUN GOES DOWN (Roy Taylor) 17
Sub Totals: NPS 170; Frodsham 169; Mid Cheshire 164
LILLY IN SUNLIGHT (Jackie Dent) 18
NOT A STEP CLOSER (Paul Zietsman) 17
SCOTCH MIST (Paul Zietsman) 18
MOSAIC (Roy Taylor) 16
LET ME OUT! (Steven Jackson) 16
FLY AWAY HOME (Mandy Johnson) 17
HARVEST MOUSE (Mandy Johnson) 20
MATING LOCUSTS (Jackie Dent) 19
THE GOOD THE BAD THE UGLY (Steven Jackson) 17
RIVER ESK (Geoff Noxon) 14
Sub Totals: NPS 172; Frodsham 163; Mid Cheshire 170
Overall: NPS 342; Frodsham 334; Mid Cheshire 332
Congratulations to Jackie & Mandy for their maximum marks in Prints and PDIs respectively.

On 15th November 2011 we took part in a multi-club print battle hosted by Chester Photographic Society and 9 of our members attended to support Northwich Photographic Society.
16 clubs were involved and the overall winner was Nantwich Photographic Society who also had the highest scoring colour print.
They were closely followed by Warrington Photographic Society who also had the highest scoring monochrome print.
Each club entered 4 colour prints and 2 monochrome prints, which were judged separately.
Prints eliminated in the first round scored 1 point, second round 2 points, third round 3 points, fourth round 4 points, leaving one print to score 5 points.
The Judge was Toni Pioli ARPS, ABPE.
We were represented by the following prints and were not the lowest scoring club in either section gaining an overall position of 11th equal.
Colour Prints: “Galileo Thermometer” by Eric Wood; 1 point
“White Water Canoeist” by Jackie Dent; 1 point
“Ferruginous Buzzard” by Mandy Johnson; 2 points
“Just Imagine” by Garry Wynne; 4 points
Monochrome Prints: “The Gardener’s Enemy” by Eric Wood; 1 point
“The Navvy” by Graham Rowe; 2 points.